In Song and Silence

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Wilhelmina Barns-Graham
via Pink Pagoda Studio

x ray of pear shell

A Palestinian man and his daughter pick wild mustard flowers which grow in untilled fields across the Gaza Strip, on March 20, as the official start of spring is marked by the by the Vernal Equinox.   (Mohammed Abed/AFP/Getty Images)
Wait for Her, 2014Khalil Abusharekh

"Moon Glows"
Artist : Brenda Erickson

"Your eyes are like a night of rain
in which ships are sinking
and all I wrote is forgotten .."

- Nizar Qabbani

Mahmood Daoud - Syrian ArtistUntitled 2014 | Mixed Media on Paper 20 x 20 cmSyria Art - Syrian Artists
Mahmood daoud
Photographer István Kerekes
Faces (2012) - Syrian Artist EDWARD SHAHDA

workman:alfiusdebux:Herbert Pfostl. Fall to winter
The Eyes of Children around the World  Halali, Khomas, Namibia © Johanna Holldack

100% ART

Barbro Åberg
From  ‘Morocco A Scorching Beauty’ an exhibition of  photographer Bruno Barbey’s work.
untitled by jorrismartinez on Flickr.