In Song and Silence

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Kim Kopp

Silver and gold
© Etienne Cabran
Part II دَمهم أمَامي  يسكن المدنَ التي اقتربت كأن جراحَهم سفن الرجوعِ و وحدهم لا يرجعون.. دمهم أمامي .. لا أراه كأنه وطني .. لا أراه . درويش ****************** Their blood is before me It inhabits the cities that draw near As if their wounds were ships of return and they would not return alone I see it not  As if it were my country Before me, yet I see it not Darwish
Mahmoud Elkourd Photography

Zdzisław Beksiński

"Peace to the hint of sadness in your eyes.."

- Mahmoud Darwish

In the midst of war, reach for the hand of love.  Photo by Majid Saeedi - “Victims of War”
Afghanistan In Photos

Skeleton Coast, Namib Desert, Namibia 
الفنان التشكيلي زهير حسيب | Zuhair Hassib artist

La soledad está mezclada en mi esencia…(Loneliness is mixed in my essence.)
Clarice Lispector.

"Be kind to your sleeping heart.
Take it out into the vast fields of Light
And let it breathe.."

- Hafiz


Welcome Aadiil, A Tribute…, a photo from West Bengal, East | TrekEarth
Seo, Young-Deok