In Song and Silence

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Photographer Morteza Herati
#afghan #street #candid #portriat #child #mother #woman #herat #afghanistan by: #mortezaherati
Shareef Sarhan
Iraqi artist, Mohammed Shammarey
كابوس Nightmare 36in x44 in giclée paper prints

Photograph by  vincent.versace

"The heart of the Earth beats in Gaza now. It bleeds, but it beats"

-  Dr. Mads Gilbert

Rima Salamoun - Syria
We teach LIFE..

Yayoi Kusama - The Galaxy

In a new short film, eight Dutch children are telling the stories of eight Palestinian children killed during Israel’s offensive in Gaza. The video, titled “We are no longer here, do you care?”

Nihad Al Turk'The Golden Hand' 2012. Acrylic on Canvas106 x 256 cm
Syria Art - Syrian Artists
Syrian Artist - Reem Yassouf - ريم يسوف 140 x 140 cm  mixed media on canvas  2013

"And I say to myself: A moon will rise from my darkness.
وأَقول لنفسِي: سَيطلعُ مِن عَتْمَتِي قَمَر."

-  Mahmoud Darwish